How to Beat the Summer Heat

how to beat the summer heat in Arkansas

Y’all, it’s hot.

I know all you other southern girls know exactly what I’m talking’ bout. It’s too hot to move. It’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. It’s hotter ‘n blazes.

This is not unusual heat we are talking about here, either. This is just August in the south. So what do we Arkansans do to beat the summer heat? Here are a few ideas:

  •  We eat ice cream.

In Arkansas if you don’t want to crank up the ice cream maker and mix up your own recipe you are gonna want one of two kinds, Yarnell’s or Loblolly. Yarnell’s is made right here in Arkansas and you can find it in the grocery stores and it is SO good! If you are in Little Rock, you need to stop by Loblolly Creamery. They make amazing flavors of ice-cream using mostly organic, natural products – delicious!!

ice-cream to beat the summer heat in Arkansas, loblolly ice-cream

loblolly ice-cream to beat the summer heat in Arkansas

  • We go jump in a lake!

There are so many gorgeous lakes here in Arkansas to choose from. I love Lake Ouachita for boating, but since we don’t own a boat we often go to Greer’s Ferry Lake. There are some tall cliffs where I spent many college weekends with friends and we would jump off into the water. Last weekend we went to Greer’s Ferry to cool off and get some drone footage and this happened…

Our friend broke his foot jumping off the cliffs and we spent most of the day in the hospital! Of course we had to made a video to document it…thanks Health Care Express for the memories.

So, I can no longer recommend literally jumping in a lake – I think you should stick to wading in off a nice sandy beach with a drink in hand. Just my personal opinion though.

If you have a boat tie up together like these people did…


  • We head to Blanchard Springs Caverns.  The caverns stay 58 degrees year round! Not to mention that they are gorgeous and carefully developed so that they are still alive and dripping and growing.
  • And this is a two for one because Blanchards Springs come out of the cavern and flow into a pretty little lake called Mirror Lake, I’m not a trout fisherwoman, but I hear the trout fishing is great. The stream then cascades over the dam and flows on through the woods. The water is always cold and refreshing and there are a couple of little swimming holes.

beat the summer heat in Arkansas at Blanchard Springs Cavern

  • We float the Spring River. Most of the rivers in the state get too low to float in the summer, but because the Spring River is formed by Mammoth spring way up at the Arkansas/Missouri border (which pumps out 9.78 million gallons per hour – yes, I got that off the park website)  it stays high enough to float year round, and better than that – because it is spring fed the water is brrrrr!
  •  Have drinks in the evening on your favorite outdoor restaurant patio. A couple of my favorites in Little Rock are YaYa’s Euro Bistro, Dizzys, US pizza, The Fold, and Loca Luna.


  • And if all else fails and you can’t seem to cool off…stay in, kick your feet up, watch Netflix, and drink some sweet tea. My personal Netflix favorites right now are Ozark, The Office (we are watching it all the way through and it makes me laugh so hard) and I have heard the movie Lion is amazing and it is now on Netflix as well.

Have fun and hang in there – fall is just around the corner!

3 thoughts on “How to Beat the Summer Heat

  1. We may be moving to NWA soon and this was so much fun to read and very useful! I’m looking forward to checking out some of the fun areas around Fayetteville and Springdale. Great article! Thank you, Heidi

    1. Oh I absolutely love NWA! There are so many fun things to do there and it is so pretty! I will be publishing an blog post shortly all about just that area so keep an eye out for it 🙂

      Have a great day!

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