Hyatt Regency Orlando

Even though it is not a city right on the ocean, Orlando is one of my favorite places to visit in Florida. Not only is it home to Disney World and Universal Studios, two of the best places in the world, it also has an abundance of delicious restaurants, great shopping, and luxurious hotels.

Anthony and I spent two nights in Orlando on our way home from Naples and were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay at the Hyatt Regency located on International Drive. My, oh my, this hotel was absolutely incredible!! Hands down the nicest place we have ever stayed together, and I still dream of their fluffy king sized bed and amazing 180 degree views from our suite on the 16th floor.




Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendliest staff and were made to feel right at home. As we arrived around noon, our room was not quite ready yet, but they held our bags for us while we went to our spa appointment and said they would send us a text as soon as it was available. Starry eyed, we made our way to the hotel spa area, and as soon as I stepped foot inside I immediately felt relaxed. We were whisked away to the robe room where we donned our plush robes and slippers, and Anthony gave me a look as we separated like, “can this possibly be real life?”

Now, I do not claim to be a massage expert, as I have only had one professional massage before and it sort of felt like being punched in the back for 30 minutes straight, but this was 80 minutes of sheer bliss I tell you. I struggled between being so relaxed that I was about to fall asleep, and trying to stay awake so it wouldn’t go by too fast. Needless to say, 80 minutes felt more like 20 and if I hadn’t felt so amazing afterward I think I would have been devastated it was already over. Anthony and I then spent the next hour relaxing on the spa loungers, sipping on the fruit-infused water, and feeling a bit like royalty.


As I stated above, our lovely suite had beautiful views, the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, a spacious bathroom complete with a tv in the mirror, and a really modern vibe. If we hadn’t worked up such an appetite from our day of relaxation, I think we would have been perfectly content to stay in the rest of the night.



Before heading out to Disney Springs to grab dinner, we headed up to the Regency Room of the hotel for complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. Any place with gourmet cheese and chilled rose is bound to make me happy, especially if the word complimentary is involved. Word to the wise, if you ever want to escape reality and live the life of luxury, just do yourself a favor check in to the Hyatt Regency.



While we didn’t have much time at our lovely hotel, we did spend our last morning lounging by one of the many pools they have to offer. We were facing a 14 hour drive ahead of us that day, but it was so hard to leave that we ended up not getting on the road until afternoon.




We were too busy going to Disney World to have time to eat at any of the several restaurants the Hyatt Regency has on their property, but according to many of the other guests we met and chatted with they were all very good.

Now, get to planning your next Orlando vacation, you know where to stay!!



Thank you so much to Hyatt Regency Orlando for hosting us, as always, all opinions are my own.


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