Tales of a Junk Food Addict

Well y’all…

Today marks exactly a week since my husband and I started our Sprint to Spring Break Challenge with a gym called Fast Fit here in Little Rock. Let’s be real for a second. We have both put on some pounds since our beautiful wedding day 4 years ago. I could chalk this up to wedded bliss, and busyness, and the fact that cooking isn’t quite my forte, and probably a little bit of he/she has to love me anyway extra weight, sweatpants on, eating cheetos in bed and all, but the truth is, I have taken quite a long hiatus from regular exercise and healthy eating.

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Pants // Top // Bra // Shoes (Nike, out of stock right now)

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In high school, and throughout most of college, I was super active and worked out/played sports consistently, so I never really worried about how I ate. Most days you could find me by the cafeteria cereal bar deciding between Frosted Flakes or Cap’n Crunch for dinner. #healthy #nutritious #wellbalancedmeal While I didn’t eat all that healthy, it never really caught up to me because I was active enough and thanks to the gene pool, had a very fast metabolism.

After way too many Christmas baked goods and wine + pizza bachelor watch party nights, I realized if I didn’t make a change I was going to regret it down the road. So cue Fastfit and cue being thrown into a diet I was most definitely not prepared for. I actually really enjoy working out and Anthony and I have fun doing this together so it was easy to get motivated for that aspect of the program. I love feeling stronger and getting my heart rate going. Plus I got some super cute workout clothes from Old Navy so that always helps 🙂

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No, it’s not the working out that is hard for me, it is most definitely the diet. The past week has gone a little bit like this…

Day 1). Morning. I SO got this. This is the easiest thing ever. I love being healthy. drinks green smoothie, feels really cool

Afternoon: Can people really live without eating Salt and Vinegar chips for a whole month?

Day 2). This is the hardest thing I have ever done! If I go into the kitchen and sneak a few Cheeze-its no one will ever know.

Day 3). Is it really worth it to get out of bed if I can’t eat cheese dip and tacos today?

Day 4). Nightime: Has a dream about going into the kitchen in the middle of the night and eating cheese balls straight out of the bucket. Side note: We don’t have, nor have ever had a big bucket of cheese balls in our house. Although I am sure I wouldn’t mind if we did.

Day 5). Plays tennis after workout, feels motivated, only thinks of Chick-Fil-A once. Okay, maybe twice.

Day 6). Meal preps for the whole week, feels like superwoman, and then gets a migraine from lack of sugar. RIP sweet tea and lemonade.

and today..

I am actually feeling good today! While I know I will never be totally cured of being a junk food addict, I do enjoy how my body feels when I am eating SO much healthier than I was. I also could be feeling great today because tomorrow I know I am getting to have a cheat meal. But anywho, I made it to 4 work outs + a night of sand vollyball and a few matches of tennis last week, so this week I want to make it to 5!

While this post may seem quite dramatic, these thoughts and feelings are sadly, true. I know I have a problem people. I’m workin’ on it.

Thanks for reading!



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One thought on “Tales of a Junk Food Addict

  1. I absolutely love this! I saw you on Like to Know it, and I was like, “this girl gets me!!” You are gorgeous, and you definitely do not need to lose any weight! But I love your honesty in your post. I can put away a whole package of Oreos in 20 minutes! I can’t help myself.
    I can’t wait to read more blog posts of yours!

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