Boutique Owner and Girl Boss

Emily Cole, girl boss and boutique owner in her boutique, I Do Declare

girl boss, emily cole, showing off her clothes in i do declare boutique

girl boss and boutique owner, Emily Cole, working in her boutique I Do Declare

perfect valentines day looks from i do declare boutique, selected by boutique owner, Emily Cole

Hi Y’all! Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse into what my life has been like over the past few months! As many of you know, I am not just a blogger. I am also a boutique owner.  I started an online boutique with my mom a little over a year ago. Since opening, it has seriously been a whirlwind, and I have learned and grown so much more than I ever expected.

Over the fall, I was able to do 6 different holiday markets all across the south. It was a lot of traveling, a lot of unloading and reloading the U-haul, a lot of physical labor, a lot of long nights spent tagging, steaming, and preparing our clothes, and a lot of learning. But most importantly, it was so much fun! I met amazing people, had the best time getting to sell our clothes in Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas, and made some wonderful friendships.

The encouraging emails, Facebook messages, and texts I get from people who love our clothing seriously make my whole day. Absolutely, my favorite part of owning a boutique is getting to see women feel beautiful and confident in our clothes, and helping them pick out things I know they will love.

girl boss and boutique owner, emily cole, in her boutique I Do Declare

chairs used for hanging clothing in i do declare boutique

girl boss, emily cole modeling one of i do declare boutiques hats

girl boss, emily cole, in her boutique i do declare

While I Do Declare has primarily been online, we recently opened a little store inside of Shoppes On Woodlawn in Little Rock. It really happened by pure coincidence! I have really been wanting to take the next step and open a brick and mortar store in 2018, but obviously a lot of fear goes a long with that because there is so much overhead cost. One day, my mom and I were working at a local coffee shop in Hillcrest, a cute, old part of Little Rock.

It was a pretty day so we decided to walk around and we noticed the most adorable blue, house that had been converted into several different shops. Long story short, they ended up having an opening, so we took a leap of faith and decided to move in! We have officially been open a month now and while it has been a crazy month, it sure has been fun! I have loved getting to decorate a space that is all our own and implement I Do Declare’s ultra feminine style.

girl boss, emily cole, showing off valentines day outfits in her boutique I Do Declare

feminine catch all dishes for jewelry

Boutique owner, Emily Cole at I Do Declare Boutique

Now don’t get me wrong, the life of a boutique owner isn’t always pretty things and perfect days. There is so much hard work that goes behind it that people don’t see. Overall though, I am doing something I love every single day, and I really couldn’t ask for more!

Cheers to big things in 2017!

Thanks so much for stopping by and getting a glimpse into a very big part of my life. If you love all things glam and girly, definitely be sure to check us out! 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Boutique Owner and Girl Boss

  1. Hello There!

    I too have a clothing boutique for women and men actually, in Newport News, VA.
    I’m just getting started. I absolutely love, love the way you
    displayed your clothing on the wall. Gave me great inspiration!
    Continue to follow your dreams to the moon! Very happy for you!

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