How To Keep Your Summer Tan Throughout The Year

Hi y’all! Sorry I have been so MIA over the past few weeks! I came down with a bad stomach bug and was also busy setting up a new clothing booth for I Do Declare Boutique and finding some fabulous fall clothing at Dallas Market! For any local girls, I Do Declare now has it’s own location at The Painted Tree in Sherwood. So go check it out 🙂

Now that summer is coming to a close, pool and beach time is going to become less and less, and for me that means back to being pale for 8 months! haha I don’t like to go to the tanning bed and I always feel like spray tans make me look orange, so during the winter months I don’t have many options to use if I am wanting a subtle glow.  Anyone else have these same struggles?

About a month ago, I started trying out a few different products from Bondi Sands, an Australian line of tanning products, and I can honestly say these products are amazing! First off, they don’t have that typical “self tanner” smell. If you’ve ever used self tanner before you know exactly what I am talking about. Instead these smell like a Pina Coloda and I know that come the dreaded month of February these products are going to make me feel like I am on a tropical island instead of the midst of an ice storm. I tried out three different products, The Self Tanning Foam, Gradual Tanning Milk, and Self Tanning Mist. While I like all of them, the Self Tanning Foam and Gradual Tanning Milk are definitely my favorite! The tanning milk is very moisturizing and while it doesn’t give you an instant tan, it gradual builds a tan over a few weeks of use. I definitely plan to use this throughout the year! The self tanning foam is perfect if you need a quick fix, for an event, date night, or other special occasion. It goes on so easily and doesn’t streak or turn your skin orange #hallelujah. I use the light/medium shade in all of the Bondi Sands products!

self tanning products

For my face, I typically don’t like to use any self tanning lotions because they break me out (I have super sensitive skin!) so I have been using this bronzer. I would recommend it if you are looking for a new one, I always love Too Faced products.

Let me know what your tried and true products are for keeping a tan throughout the year, would love to hear!



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  1. Okay, I’m totally going to try these after I finish using what I have! Lol. Why am I such a sucker for trying it all??! I have used the St. Tropez and R+F. I think I prefer the R+F because the smell isn’t as strong and I like that the foam isn’t brown (it goes on white). But both really have given me great tans. Yours are a little bit cheaper though, and the pina coloda smell is calling my nameeee. Thanks for always being my guinea pig and telling me what to try! haha.

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