10 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Hey y’all! In honor of reaching 10k on my Instagram this past week, I thought I would celebrate by sharing with you 10 things you may not know about me. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may know some of the basics, like the fact that I live in Little Rock, Arkansas, got married at 20, recently graduated from college, and own an online boutique…but I thought I would share some other interesting tid-bits to help you get to know the girl behind I Do Declare a little better.

1. I am a total Harry Potter nerd. As in, went to the midnight book releases, the midnight movie premiers, dressed up as Hermione for halloween, read the seventh book in one night, obsessed. Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood and young adult life and you better believe I am ecstatic for the new book that is coming out! Anthony and I are also headed to Universal Studios in Orlando in September, and I am beyond excited to see the Harry Potter worlds. It will be the first time there for both of us so we have no clue what to expect. I am preparing accordingly by ordering these cute shirts to wear. Oh, and if you’re wondering, the 4th and the 6th books are my favorite 🙂

2. I have terrible eating habits. Okay, I am just going to admit it to y’all…I am not a very healthy person. Some of my favorite guilty pleasures include large amounts of queso, salt and vinegar chips, mozzarella sticks (especially from Sonic!), donuts, fried chicken (Zaxby’s for life), flaming hot cheeto’s, and white chocolate mousse fro-yo. I am sure some the health nuts are cringing in disgust at me right now and for that I am sorry! I have tried to break these awful eating habits before, but every time I just end up in the Chick-fil-a drive through. Someone send help!

3. I am super competitive. I have always loved sports and have played them my whole life. When I was younger I played competitive soccer and swam and when I reached junior high and high school, I switched over to basketball, volleyball, and track. I may not have always been the tallest, strongest, or most skilled player on the court, but goodness me, I was probably the feistiest. To this day I have scars on my knees from playing basketball. Back then I was always bruised and had court burns. My Mawmaw always told me that if you didn’t come out of the game with battle scars, you probably didn’t play your hardest. She also said that “you can never have enough bling,” so I trust that she has sound advice.

4. I am a certified scuba diver. There should probably be a saying that, “you can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl.” Even though I haven’t lived near the ocean since I was eight, it is my absolute favorite place to be. I love being in the water and I have always been fascinated by it. When I was 12 I got scuba certified and before our honeymoon my husband got certified so that it was something we could do together. We spent a whole week in Cozumel, Mexico going to different dive spots and it was amazing. When I was little I wanted to be a dolphin trainer (still would love that!) and then before college I thought about majoring in marine biology. For now I think I will stick to the fashion world, but needless to say, I love exploring the ocean!

5. I wanted to be Tami Taylor when I grew up. Who else loves the television series Friday Night Lights?! It is my all time favorite show, and if you have never seen it you need to stop reading this right now and get on it. No, seriously. Get on your Netflix, your parents Netflix, your friends Netflix, your dogs Netflix, I don’t care. It’s SO good. Even if you don’t care for football (blasphemy!) I think you will enjoy it. My favorite character is Tami Taylor (Connie Briton) and I pretty much wanted to be her growing up. Actually I still do..She’s smart, witty, full of advice, and has fabulous hair. What’s not to love?!

6. I get the hiccups at least once a day. Now I know this is quite a random fact, but we all have our strange quirks, right? I seriously get the hiccups more than anyone I know, and none of the tricks ever work for me! I did once read about a girl who had the hiccups for over seven years straight or something, so that made me feel a little better about my condition. I used to sing in church every Wednesday night in high school and I was always scared that right before I went on stage I would get the hiccups! Luckily it never happened, nor did I get them while I said my wedding vows, so I guess I dodged a bullet there!

7. I hate stopping to get gas. This particular fact about me drives my husband bananas. I don’t know what it is, but I hate stopping to fill up my gas tank! As in I push it to the absolute limit and have probably given myself a few grey hairs worrying that I am going to run out of gas while stuck in traffic. I suppose I just like to live life on the edge! Those people who fill up once they get down to a quarter tank (my father) are definitely a mystery to me. I typically wait till my hubby and I are going somewhere together so that way he can fill up the car for me! haha.

8. I am not a very good cook. I truly feel like I have failed as a southern women in this area! My mom is a great cook and so is my Mawmaw, but somehow I missed out on these cooking genes. Once I was making a blackberry cobbler and ended up using powdered sugar in the recipe when it called for flour. Needless to say that was a fail. I have a few recipes that I have finally mastered (eggo waffles, ramen noodles, eggs, JK!) but I am definitely still a work in progress. My husband Anthony is actually a much better cook than I am! Luckily, he is the least picky eater I know so he pretty much likes everything!

9.  I am a home body at heart. I absolutely love people, being with friends, and entertaining. I don’t consider myself a quiet or shy person at all, but I still think I am somewhat of an introvert. I love having alone time and time to just think to myself. I also love just being home! Ordering take out, catching up on all my favorite TV shows, reading a good book, taking a bubble bath…I would much rather do all these things than go out!

10. I love being goofy, and I rarely get embarrassed. Hopefully this comes across through my writing on the blog, but I absolutely love to laugh and be goofy. I am always making jokes and definitely don’t take myself too seriously.  My husband and I are constantly laughing together and I really think that his sense of humor is one of the main reasons I fell in love with him. Not only does he make me laugh, but he genuinely laughs at my jokes as well, and that is very important to me! Haha

Now I am off to continue watching the Olympics, absolutely love this time of year!

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully you feel like you know me a little bit better now! 🙂 Would love to know some fun facts about you as well!



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2 thoughts on “10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. This was so cute and fun! I’ve followed you on Insta and read your blog for a while, but I somehow missed that you’re a Little Rock girl! I live in Fayetteville, and I have a ton of family in LR!

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