Beach Bag Essentials With Hayden Reis

hayden reis beach bag

hayden reis beach bag

hayden reis beach bag

Today I am sharing all the essentials you need to put in your beach bag to take down to the ocean with you. Maybe I am over-prepared, but I like to make sure that when I get down to the beach, I am prepared to stay for the whole day. Here is everything I pack with me in my Hayden Reis seersucker beach tote!

  1. Cute Pair of Sunnies — Love these pink Zero UV shades!
  2. Fun Sandals— Kate Spade pineapple sandals anyone?!
  3. Turkish Beach Towel — If you like your beach towels to be bigger, opt for this one.
  4. Cute Water Bottle — perfect for staying hydrated, add in your favorite fruit to make it even more tasty!
  5. Detangler — I don’t know about y’all, but between the sand, salt water, and wind, my hair gets so tangled down at the beach. This is definitely my favorite detangler!
  6. Lip Balm — get this one because it has sunscreen in it, nobody likes sunburned lips!
  7. A Wide Brimmed Hat — I have been trying to wear hats when out in the sun lately because my hair is getting so light! Love this and this hat to block the sun.
  8. Cute Cover-up — Love this one that is so soft, and less than $20! For a splurge, grab this one.
  9. Sunscreen — This sunscreen smells like coconut and goes on so easily, it also doesn’t break me out!
  10. A Good Book — A necessity! This,  this, this and this are all great beach reads! I will be doing a post on all my favorite books lately later this week 🙂
  11. Waterproof Pouch — Love this little pouch to keep your phone, wallet, etc. in!
  12. Donut Drink Holder and Fun Floatie — while these are not necessities, they are so fun to have down at the beach! I am all about a fun beach float 🙂

Whoo! Now you have got one full beach bag, but at least you won’t be missing anything! I absolutely love my beach bag from Hayden Reis. It went through a lot of wear and tear at the beach this past week, and it held up wonderfully! It is completely waterproof, and has several pockets to hold things inside. I also love this palm print bucket tote and this flamingo bag! You also have the option to get your bag personalized and I wish I had put my monogram on mine!

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