10 Fun Date Ideas

red ruffled body con dress

red ruffled off the shoulder body con dress

ruffled off the shoulder body con dress

While I typically don’t go on dates where I need to get this dressed up, Anthony and I really do try to make date night a priority even in the busiest times. We have taken the Love Languages test, and at the top of both of our lists was, not surprisingly, quality time. Spending quality time together makes me feel so much closer to Anthony whether we are out at a romantic dinner or playing a game of cards in our PJ’s at the kitchen table.

Since we have now been married almost four years now, we have started having to get creative with our date ideas. Being newly graduated from college and not established in our careers, we also like to find unique and inexpensive ways to have fun together! Dinner and a movie can be great, but here are some of the things we have found we also enjoy doing together!

ruffled off the shoulder body con dress

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1. Cheer on an amateur sports team. While we love going to see Arkansas Razorback football or basketball games together these tickets can be quite pricey so, sadly, we typically only get to do this once or twice a year. Instead, during the baseball season we head out to the field to watch the Arkansas Travelers play. These tickets are only a few dollars and while neither of us are totally into baseball we are totally into hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy!

2. Go through a list of questions and answer them together. Has anyone ever watched Married at First Sight? I actually got this idea from them, as they do this on the show! There are probably so many things you don’t know about your spouse or significant other and it’s so fun to answer these questions together! Pour yourself a glass of wine and make a night of it, you’ll be surprised all the new things you find out about each other!

3. Go thrift store/antique shopping. I am not going to lie, 75% of the furniture in our house was bought at thrift stores and antique malls. When we were engaged we had so much fun finding things at a great price and then repainting and fixing them up. My husband, who I have to drag tooth and nail to go shopping, actually loved doing this with me and it’s so much fun to see what bargains you can find!

4. Grab frozen yogurt and take a stroll through a nice neighborhood in your town. Nothing speaks love to me more than fro-yo (white chocolate mousse with cookie dough please!) Anthony and I also love to take walks through quaint neighborhoods and dream about what we want our future home to look like. So, why not combine the two? Plus, since you’re walking it counteracts the frozen yogurt right?

5. Plan your dream vacation. This one is totally free and one of my favorite things to do. Next up on our must visit list is Thailand. No, we may not be able to go for a few years, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already planned where we want to stay, where we want to scuba dive, and all the places we want to explore. Planning gives us something to look forward to for the future!

6. Go to the farmer’s market and then come home and cook a meal together. We have a ton of local farmer’s markets in our city and in the summertime it is such a fun activity! Take a Saturday morning and go pick out fresh fruits and veggies, then cook a meal together using all your new produce.

7. Spend a whole day binge watching a new TV show. Okay follow these instructions. Head to Walgreens, get all your favorite snacks, order take out, make a huge pallet on the floor, and don’t move all day. Now tell me this doesn’t sound like the best kind of date? Call me crazy, but there really is something about enjoying a television series together that makes me feel closer to Anthony. We once spent a day like this binge watching a season of Survivor (yes we are weirdos who love this show) and let me tell you, it made me love him even more!

8. Have a progressive dinner. While this one is a little more expensive, it’s different than just your average date night at a restaurant. This is a way to get a little something at all your favorite eateries. Once Anthony and I did a “cheese dip crawl” at all our favorite queso joints. For those of you who are knew to this concept it pretty much means completely clogging your arteries while loving every second of it. I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart.

9. Explore your state. After all that cheese dip you are going to need some exercise. Since we aren’t able to travel as much as we like right now we love taking day trips! Our favorite thing to do is going hiking together and this builds memories that will last a lifetime. Start a list of all the best hikes around your state, then make it a point to go on all of them!

10. Go to the theater. And no, I’m not talking about the movie theater. Go see a play, an opera, or a comedian. While this may seem like an expensive date night, if you go to a local theater tickets are often fairly inexpensive. On our second date Anthony took me to an opera and we felt so fancy! Even though the tickets only cost $15 dollars and the whole thing was in a different language, it was still one of our favorite dates. We love going to see plays together a few times a year.

Bonus: Find a hobby you both love. I have been scuba certified since I was 12 and after we got married Anthony decided to get certified as well so we could enjoy this activity together. We spent most of our honeymoon scuba diving together, and it is one of our fondest memories! Finding common interests is so important! Try to find a hobby you both love to do, whether it be riding bikes, cooking, or playing tennis, it will definitely bring you closer together.

If you’ve run out of date ideas, hopefully this has helped you think of some fun things you can do together! I think Anthony and I need to head to another opera soon so I can wear this gorgeous red dress 🙂

ruffled off the shoulder bodycon dress


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4 thoughts on “10 Fun Date Ideas

  1. I love the idea of planning your dream vacation as a date. So fun! Also, picking up the other person’s hobby is a great idea. My dad is really into ham radios and when my parents were first married my mom got ham radio certified too. How precious is that?!

    Katie // thosebakergirls.com

    1. That is seriously the sweetest thing ever! It really shows how much you care about the other person when taking an interest in their hobbies 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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