White Distressed Overalls

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hm white overalls.

hm white overalls

Happy (day after) fourth of July! Anyone else feel like you need a holiday from your three day weekend? This morning I may or may not have hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times and had to roll out of bed and get ready in less than 10 minutes. Let me tell you, I am getting to be a pro at doing my makeup and hair in the car. Anyone else struggle to wake up in the morning?! If I don’t get my eight hours I am pretty much useless. Someone send help…

white overalls from H&M

I pretty much lived in these H&M overalls all weekend. Aside from the fact that they went well with all my patriotic outfits, they are so cute and comfortable too! And at a $16 price point, you really can’t beat them! I remember I had a pair of denim overalls senior year of high school and I wore them allll the time. Mind you, this was before they were back in style so I am pretty sure everyone just thought I was stuck back in the 90s. Or maybe that’s because I still wore jelly sandals and butterfly clips? I kid, I kid. Anyway, once I got to college I, of course, brought my beloved overalls with me, and a friend asked if she could borrow them for a western themed function. I am sad to report this was the last time I ever saw these overalls and ever since I have been in search of the perfect pair I love just as much. Finally, after so many years of searching, I found these cuties, and I will tell you I won’t be loaning these out 🙂

white overalls hm

white distressed overalls from H&M

white overalls from h&m

white overalls



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Here’s to hoping your Tuesday is short and that you had a wonderful holiday weekend!



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