5 one piece swimsuits you need this summer

Lookbook store black and white one piece

Flamingo shaped pool float

Black and white one piece from Topshop

Summer is finally here and that means it’s time to break out the swimsuits! While swimsuit shopping isn’t always the most enjoyable thing in the whole world, (life tip: don’t eat a bowlful of queso before you go try on swimsuits like I did) I have actually found that over the past few years there are so many great options out that fit all shapes and sizes. The days of the tiny, string, triangle top swimsuits are long gone. Can I get an amen?! Don’t get me wrong, I have seen girls totally rock those types of swimsuits, but that girl is not me.

Growing up, I thought one piece swimsuits were practically from the devil. Being very long waisted, I was more of a tankini girl myself, but when church camp rolled around and one pieces were mandatory, I had the hardest time finding anything that worked! Luckily, we have come a long way since I was a pre-teen, and now one pieces are, dare I say it….incredibly chic.

I got this black and white scalloped swimsuit from Lookbook Store, and I was so impressed by the fabric and fit! Can somewhere explain to me why swimsuits, which have very little fabric, seriously cost so much money?! Even at Target, whose swimsuits will only last me one summer, I end up spending over $50 for one. This is truly a mystery I will never understand..Luckily this one piece is such a steal, and is on sale for less than 20 dollars! For size reference, I got a US 4, AU 8, and it fits perfectly! You can choose to wear it strapless, or it comes with a strap to wear it as a halter.

Black and white one piece from lookbook store

black and white one piece from lookbook store

Pool float in the shape of a flamingo

Here are a few other one piece swimsuits I think you need to add to your collection this summer! Maybe throw in a pink flamingo pool float for good measure as well 😉

White Crochet Swimsuit (I have this one and wore it here!)

Moroccan Inspired Halter Swimsuit

Tropical Print One Piece (on sale!)

Scalloped Swimsuit

Even if you haven’t loved one pieces in the past (like I said, I was right there with ya) I definitely recommend giving them another chance! They are so flattering, and with all the different styles out there, you are sure to find one that makes you feel your best.

Happy swimming (or sunbathing) everyone!



black and white one piece lookbook store

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