Julie Brown Pineapple Dress

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

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This Julie Brown Pineapple dress was perfect for my girl’s getaway Charleston vacation!

One thing Charleston is definitely not short on is gorgeous scenery. There is something new to explore around every corner! Just two minutes from our hotel we found this quaint park in the middle of a neighborhood. We were on our way to dinner (shrimp and grits for the win!) but I wanted to take photos of the dress that I wore to share with y’all! This dress is from one of my new favorite designers, Julie Brown. I have admired her clothes in a few boutiques here in Little Rock, but have never actually owned one of her pieces until now! I can tell you that I am so impressed! The quality, fit, and fabric can’t be beat. Ever since my wedding, I have loved pink and gold together, so the colors were perfect. Plus, what girl doesn’t love a good pineapple print?! For reference, I am wearing a size 4 and it fit perfectly without any alterations. I almost got this dress as well, I love the shift style and it would have been so perfect for Charleston or any beach vacation.

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

Pink and gold pineapple dress

Pink and gold pineapple print dress

Do we have any other popcorn lovers out there? If so, y’all definitely need to keep reading. For some reason, I can really throw back some popcorn (probably have something to do with all the butter and salt). I always tell Anthony I want to go to the movies, but he knows what I really mean is I want to go recline for an hour and a half while eating some extra buttery movie theater popcorn! On our way to dinner this particular night, we stopped at High Cotton to get a drink and an appetizer before our reservation. Guess what immediately caught my eye on the appetizer list? White Truffle Popcorn. Three words that still make my heart swoon. It was SO delicious and I have been craving it ever since I got home. Luckily it surprisingly easy to make. All you will need is plain popcorn (without butter) white truffle oil, grated Parmesan cheese, and parsley. I plan to make it for my girlfriends on our Bachelorette watch party nights and I think it’s going to be a hit!

Julie Brown pineapple dress in pink and gold

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