Floral Midi Dress

Floral midi dress with wrap front from banana republic.

floral midi dress with wrap front on I Do Declare Blog

Floral Midi Dress  // Shoes

The midi dress trend has always slightly scared me. Being 5’6″, I am very average height, but I have a long torso and shorter legs, so I tend to stay away from anything that cuts my legs off, as in…midi dresses. However, I have also always thought they were so feminine and pretty, so when they started to become popular again I was bound and determined to find a floral midi dress that looked good on me.

Here are a few things I learned in my search…

1). Find a midi dress that has a waist. During my hunt, I tried on several dresses that were the boho type of midi dress; loose and flowing with fun, bold patterns. Not surprisingly, instead of looking whimsical and like I was headed straight to Coachella, I pretty much looked like I was wearing a paper sack. Unless you are tall, with long limbs (like my blessed sister who looks great in dresses like these) I would say finding a midi dress with a waist, like the wrap front one I am wearing, will be your best bet.

floral midi dress with wrap front and pretty print on I Do Declare Blog

Floral midi dress from banana republic

2). Always add a heel. For me, this was the main difference from looking short and stumpy, or elegant and feminine. I have seen long legged girls wear midi dresses with lace up sandals and look totally fabulous, but sadly that does just not work for me. Luckily, I found these fun, coral heels to make up for my lack of leg length! I was wanting to add some color, but if you want your legs to look even longer, nude heels always work great!

Floral midi dress from banana republic with coral heels

3). Find the right length. Midi dresses come in several different lengths and I found that dresses that hit right in the middle of my calf looked the best on me. There is definitely a fine line between a midi dress being too short or too long. Too short and you look like you just forgot to get your dress hemmed, but too long and it will seem like you bought a maxi dress that was just a tad too small on you. Different lengths will look best on different body types so try on a bunch and find your perfect length!

Floral midi dress from banana republic

Oh and P.S. this one has pockets, and pockets make any dress instantly cuter, am I right?!

Floral Midi Dress from Banana Republic

Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck finding the perfect midi dress for you! I Do Declare Boutique has a few ones I am loving if you need more help in your search 🙂



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