Perfect Summer Picnic Dress

Summer picnic dressOne of my favorites things to do in the summer time is go on picnics! It is so hot during the day that Anthony and I usually wait until around 7 to go so it is a little cooler out. We will grab some food at the market (or pick up sonic!) and head on our way.imageWe live near a pretty park surrounding a lake so that is our favorite spot to go. It is the perfect date night that can be done inexpensively! Add in some frozen yogurt at the end or a snowcone and it will be a night well spent!imageMost of the time you’ll find me wearing shorts and a tank top on these outings, but occasionally I want to look a little more dressed up in my “picnic attire.” This dress from LOFT is wonderful! I think that it might just be the perfect summer picnic dress! It is tea length, so a change from most of the short summer dresses, and it is very lightweight and flowing so that it isn’t hot at all!

I felt very 1950’s (my personal favorite style era) wearing this dress out and about with my white Keds.imageWhat are some of your favorite things to do for fun in the summer time?

Dress: Loft // Shoes: KedsΒ // Hat: Francesca’s

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18 thoughts on “Perfect Summer Picnic Dress

  1. Such a darling post! The print and color are really cute! You look great in red! That looks like it would be a fun dancing dress! We don’t do too many picnics but we love to hang out on the patio for an easy “date night” after kids are in bed.

  2. Very cute look and I love that you enjoy summer picnics! We often times go to our local winery, which is very family oriented, for picnic outings with our kiddos. All of the kids run around & play among the vineyards and the adults drink wine…it is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime!

    Brooke | KBStyled

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