Rainy Day Dreamin’

April showers bring…dreams of summer!

It has been dreary and raining here all day long and all I can think about are sandy toes, hot sun on my shoulders, a warm ocean breeze blowing through my hair and the scent of sunscreen.

Maybe it was because I was born in Jupiter, Florida and spent many of my childhood days playing at the local beach in the shadow of a gorgeous red lighthouse, but I am a heat, humidity, bright white sun, and ocean loving girl through and through.


Now that I live in a landlocked state I don’t get to go to the beach as often as I would wish, but believe me, I can still dream! Last night I started planning a graduation trip to a Caribbean island paradise…yes, my graduation is a year from now, but still…

Here are some of my summer favorites that I can’t wait to wear and use:

I recently purchased this high waisted, brightly colored, topshop bathing suit from Nordstrom’s. It has already arrived and I am in love with the color and shape and can’t wait to wear it.

This hat is from Ellie Clothing Company (a new boutique that I have recently discovered and really like). It will be perfect to protect my hair and shade my face from the summer sun.

Top off your beach attire with this cute cover-up from Victoria’s secret. I really also love this one from surf gypsy!

Also, when did they start making such cute one pieces?! After years of looking for great one piece swim suits they are suddenly everywhere! I love the back of this Trina Turk suit. All these modest swimsuits sure make it easier on a girl to feel comfortable when the summer months roll around.

Add a little fun to your beach day by bringing a personalized beach spike to hold your drinks (I got mine last year from an Etsy shop), these “sweet” inner tubes, and a perfectly polka dot beach towel that you can even have monogrammed.

Want to get the perfect mermaid hair while on your beach trip? Try this Bumble and Bumble surf spray, it’s my favorite and smells like coconut!

I’ll be going to the California beaches for the first time this year with my husband and his family – that should be an interesting contrast to south Florida and the southern east coast beaches! I hear the water is freezing on the west coast and I have a feeling it will be a shock to my southern girl, warm ocean water sensibilities, however, I can’t wait to go!

Hope you all get a little fun in the sun this summer as well.

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3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Dreamin’

  1. Hi Emily. Thank you so much for visiting my blog last week. I always love having new visitors. The great thing about new guest is that I also get introduced to new blogs & isn’t that always the best. Your blog is darn cute! That drink spike is awesome. Not to mention, I love anything monogrammed. Lastly, do nut let a fishy take a bit out of that pool float. It looks delicious. Lol.

    FYI, I’ll have a new post on my blog tomorrow morning. I’ve been missing in action as I’ve been in the process of moving to a new apartment.


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