My Favorite Kimono For Spring



imageKimono: Kensie // White V-Neck: J Crew // Jeans: Free People via Nordstrom Rack, similar // Chunky Heels: Just Fab (love!)

So here’s a little tid-bit of information for you, this is actually  first kimono I have ever owned. I have always liked the way they looked other people, but when I would try them on I looked like I was wearing a potato sack. I found this one on the sale rack recently and decided to give the kimono trend one more go, and now I can’t stop wearing it! This one manages to be flowy without swallowing me up. I just always pair it with heels because otherwise my legs look like they are about 1 inch long! haha!

Another thing that I love about this specific kimono is the floral pattern. Florals are everywhere this spring and it is one of my favorite trends! It is so strange, but whenever I wear a floral pattern like this Anthony tells me he likes my “Chinese looking outfit.” What in the world?! I have talked about his lack of fashion understanding before in this post, but he comes up with new stuff all the time.  Good thing for his future career he will just be wearing scrubs all the time!

Hope you all have a good week!

XO, Emily

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