5 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Betsey Johnson long dress

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Couple in love on Valentine's day

Dress: Betsey Johnson (obsessed!!) // Shoes: Betsey Johnson (similar)

5 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas For The Last Minute Girl (like me!)

1. Hit the road, Jack. Some of my favorite memories with Anthony are when we have taken spur of the moment mini-getaways for the weekend. We love going places like bed and breakfasts, secluded cabins, or a fun hotel in a quaint city. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fun! A couple years ago we stayed at this bed and breakfast in Eureka Springs and just had the best time! If you are from Arkansas and ever want ideas of where to go with your special someone or even your girlfriends, make sure and email me (eacole92@gmail.com) I could practically be a tour guide for this state!

2. Have an indoor picnic. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean getting gussied up and making reservations at the nicest restaurant in town. If you are feeling more low-key on this day, order your favorite take-out, set up a quilt by the fireplace, light candles, wear your cutest pj’s and settle in for the night.

3. Make it a day-date. If you are lucky enough that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, like this year, then having a day-date could really switch your Valentine’s routine up! Last year Anthony and I celebrated during the day and we loved missing out on all the crowds. We met up at our favorite lunch spot, then we both chose where we wanted to go shopping to pick out a little happy gift. We topped off the day with fro-yo and then were back at the house by 5. It really was a perfect day together!

4. Hand make a thoughtful gift. Now I know what all you, let’s say, less than crafty girls are thinking…probably the last thing you want to do is make something! Trust me, I am NOT a crafty person, but making something sweet doesn’t always involve glue and hours of frustration. When Anthony and I were first dating I made him a little “picture book.” All it included was pictures of us and a couple of sweet notes scattered throughout. It was stress and mess free! Just the way I like it. Plus, we still pull out that book to this day and love looking through it!

5. Make dinner together. I know that a lot of girls on this day make dinner for their boyfriend or spouse, but what I think is an even better idea is making dinner together! Okay, maybe I am just speaking for myself because, to be honest, I really don’t enjoy cooking that much (don’t judge!) but I do have so much more fun doing it with someone else by my side. So turn on some music, sing into your spatula, dance like crazy, and try not to burn whatever you’re making while doing so (I speak from experience…) It will be a fun bonding time for you and your man and you will reap the benefits of a delicious meal afterward.

And for all the single ladies out there, don’t think of Valentine’s Day as “Singles Awareness Day.” Some of my best memories on Valentine’s were spent with my favorite girl friends! So go ahead and enjoy yo-self and eat massive amounts of candy and junk food (at least that’s what I would do!)

I’d love to hear what your plans this Saturday are going to be, or if you have any more fun ideas to add to this list!




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22 thoughts on “5 Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Well hello, gorgeous! This dress (and entire post) is exquisite! I can remember spending some single Valentines Days together! Those were some blissfully carefree days!

  2. Could these photos be any cuter? Not to mention that dress. I see why you’re obsessed. (; Since VDay falls on a Saturday I can just imagine the chaos, even with a reservation, for dinner. I’ve suggested getting all dressed up and going to a light lunch, when hopefully everyone is still into going all out at dinner time. I just love your picnic idea. That might be just what we need for dinner! (:

  3. Hey I remember those single girls Valentine’s celebrations at Chilis! Haha obsessed with that dress, and the photos! I wonder how much convincing it would take to get Bren to do photos like this… hahaha

    1. Thanks so much, you’re the best!! I miss those days, we loved to cause a lot of mischief on Valentine’s Day! Hahah lucky for me Anthony was quite the trooper! You should bribe Brendon with food, that’s what I did!

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