Quack, Quack

Well y’all…yesterday marked a big day in the Cole house. To some, January 25th is a day just like any other…but in our household it is a day of rejoicing for one and mourning for another (have you noticed I have a flair for the dramatics yet?) It is a day when men will no longer wake up at 4am, don their best camo, and go shoot things out of the sky. Why yes, I am talking about the official end of duck season.


Don’t let Anthony’s face fool you in this photo, he’s actually quite depressed.


The life of a hunter’s widow…

When I first brought my city boy to the south, I had no clue that he would take to the state of Arkansas like he has. Now, on any given day, you can find him fishing, hunting, or wishing he was fishing and hunting. Our freezer can no longer fit regular foods, like my beloved Eggo waffles, because it is stuffed to the brim with fish, duck and deer meat. Anthony has also claimed that swamps at sunrise are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen, and this past Christmas, I promise you, literally everything on his list was camo. God must have known that this Phoenix boy needed the country like iced tea needed sugar. He just wasn’t complete without it!



So long duck season! Until we meet again…




6 thoughts on “Quack, Quack

  1. Thats so cute he picked up a new hobby when you moved. Hey, all that game makes for a small grocery bill. (; Though I bet he could spare some room for those Eggos. haha

    1. Yes it’s just so funny all the things he loves now that he had never done before! It does definitely help, I hardly ever have to buy meat! The only problem is I really am not the biggest fan of duck meat, unless it’s wrapped in bacon!! Lol

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