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photo-2 Hey Everyone! Today I am linking up with my sweet friend Erin from With a Wink and a Twirl for a blogger pajama party! We had a great time planning our “sleepover” and we want y’all to join in with us on all the fun!





imageNo slumber party is complete without my man Cap’n! 

I have loved getting to know Erin better and we thought it would be fun to answer some questions about ourselves and help y’all get to know us a little better as well!

-Favorite Midnight Snack? Seriously my favorite thing to munch on late at night is a big bowl of sugary cereal! I honestly like cereal better after dinner than in the morning for breakfast! My two favorites are Cap’n Crunch and Frosted Flakes.

-Favorite Place To Buy Pajamas? If I am going to splurge on pajamas I love to get Victoria’s Secret’s cute little matching sets! I also have a silk robe from there that I wear every morning while getting ready! It is seriously one of the best gifts I have ever gotten. If I want to save I usually get them from Old Navy, and more recently I have discovered Marshall’s has some great pj’s!

-Favorite “Chick Flick” Movie? Ahh this is so hard! I am definitely a lover of girly movies so I have many favorites…If I want a movie to make me laugh and cry, Steel Magnolias is always my classic go to!

-Who Is Your Celebrity Crush? Have any of y’all ever seen the show Friday Night Lights? Two Words… Tim. Riggins. (I guess his real name is Taylor Kitsch, but I just know him as Tim Riggins!)  One thing is for sure though, he ain’t got nothin’ on my hubby 🙂

-Nightly Bedtime Routine? My nightly bedtime routine actually isn’t very complicated! Besides brushing my teeth and washing my face with this face wash, I moisturize with my favorite Clinique Gel and then put my hair up in a massive bun on top of my head haha. I can’t stand sleeping with my hair down for some reason!

-Favorite Beauty Product At The Moment? I just switched my foundation from Benefit and started using IT cosmetics. Has anyone heard of it? It is seriously my favorite foundation/powder I have ever used! It covers without feeling caked on, which is the best of both worlds! I definitely recommend it if you are in the market for new face makeup!

-Favorite Color Nail Polish To Wear? Lately I have been loving blush pink colors for my fingernails! It is so girly and soft, you should try out this color!

-Who Would You Want To Star In A Movie About You? Connie Britton, who plays Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights (I really love that show as you can see!) and Rayna James in Nashville! I just love her as an actress, and she played her role in FNL so well! A part of me will always aspire to be Tami Taylor!

-Favorite Ice Cream Flavor? Cookie Dough! But my ultimate fav is actually white chocolate mousse froyo with cookie dough pieces in it! Yuuummm…

-Favorite Book? I am an avid reader. I looove to read and when I get a new book I devour it in one day! One of my favorite books ever is called, “The Crowning Glory Of Calla Lily Ponder.” I don’t know what it is about that book but I just LOVE it. I have probably read it about three times. I’d love any book recommendation’s from y’all because I am looking for a new one to read! I like everything, but fiction and historical fiction are my favorite.

-Favorite TV Show? I am definitely a TV show watchin’ girl as well! haha. My favorite show at the moment would definitely have to be Scandal!! Because of course, Olivia Pope! Are y’all team Fitz or team Jake?

-What Is a Quirky Fact Most People Don’t Know About You? This is very strange, but whenever I drink lemonade (which is a lot because I am like a 5 year old and drink lemonade like it’s going out of style) I get the hiccups! Every. Single. Time. As much as I hate getting the hiccups, I just can’t seem to kick the lemonade addiction.

-Favorite Fashion Trend of 2014? One of my favorite fashion trends right now is the midi-skirt! I think they look so lady- like and I love how feminine they are! I am still trying to find the perfect one that I think will work for my body type. I recently saw one from Asos in a soft pastel pink color (another one of my favorite trends right now is pastels for fall!) and I am dying to get my hands on it.

Thank y’all so much for joining Erin and me at our blogger pajama party! I would love to hear some of your answers to these questions so please comment below! 🙂

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Have a great weekend!



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  1. Love this! You have to read Serena! It’s so good, and coming out as a movie next year! And I can’t wait to try that foundation! I’ve been looking for something light weight that won’t make me break out!

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