7 signs your man may not be in tune with the world of fashion…

Hey everyone!

Today I want to introduce y’all to my sweet hubby, Anthony.


Over the last two years of marriage I have learned a lot about my husband. He is kind, outgoing, smart, and hardworking. He loves trying new foods, taking me on adventures, and he has a slightly unhealthy obsession with duck hunting and fishing and football and all things BOY. He’s my Arizona boy turned Arkansas man.

I’ve also discovered that all of this duck hunting and fishing and football has left him absolutely no time to understand  anything about fashion/style/clothing etc. etc. etc.

Bring up Organic Chemistry, no problem, he can tell you all about that. Neuroscience? That’s a breeze to him. Guns? Oh yeah, he loves his 12 gauge, but bring up how much you love your new wedges and all you will probably receive is a blank stare.

I’ll just say it, he’s pretty clueless in this department.

For all you ladies out there whose men are in the same boat as mine, I’ve compiled a list of seven signs your man may not be in tune with the world of fashion.

#1. When you are wearing you favorite pair of black leggings and he says “I really like your pantyhose today, babe!” While I appreciated the compliment, I did inform him that pantyhose and leggings are two quite different things. Now I occasionally quiz him to see if he can figure out if I’m wearing tights, leggings, or pantyhose that day. (hint: it’s never pantyhose).

#2. When he keeps the same pair of swim trunks for 6 years and refuses to get a new pair even when they have huge holes in them. Spoiler Alert: I snuck into his closet the other day while he was in class and put them in the garbage can. Sorry babe!

#3. When he literally does not know the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt. I cant tell y’all how many times I’ve walked out of the bedroom wearing a nice sweater and he tells me that my sweatshirt is really pretty. Ahhh close, but no cigar.

#4 When this is his favorite outfit to wear.


Dead ducks are an accessory right?

#5. When you tell him you are really wanting a new clutch for Christmas and he responds, “Are ya sure Em? I think your car is doing fine!” …Bless.

#6. When he spends weeks trying to find you a “cow” neck sweater. Strange things were coming up on Google from that search…

#7. And last but not least, and my personal favorite… When he asks you if you’re still really wanting that “mammogram” necklace for your birthday. No Anthony, as nice as it sounds, I would prefer not to have a mammogram for my birthday…maybe next year…A monogrammed necklace? I would like that.

As much as I tease him about it though, I really wouldn’t have him any other way! He keeps me laughing and bless his heart, he tries so hard!!

I’d love to hear about any funny stories y’all think need to be added to this list!

Have a happy Monday!



11 thoughts on “7 signs your man may not be in tune with the world of fashion…

  1. He probably knows the name Prada though…only because we made him watch Legally Blonde with the quote “Don’t stomp your little last season Prada shoes at me Honey.” And he thought it was funny! I tried Emily….I really did!

  2. Emily, this is just the CUTEST post I have seen! I seriously laughed out loud while definitely agreeing with so many of the things you have mentioned above! Hope you’re having a great Monday! XO


    1. Thank you so much for visiting Anna! I think so many girls can relate to their men being like this! Haha it’s just one of those things you gotta love about them…

      Have a great day!

  3. Yes! This almost completely describes my husband too. He also has a basketball jersey from high school that he insists on wearing. It’s pretty worn in and is potentially the ugliest thing ever but loves it to death.

    1. Mady, that is so hilarious! I will never understand why men get so attached to something and wear it over and over even though it’s awful! haha

      Thanks so much for visiting,

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