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Phew! These last few weeks have been super busy between lots of tests, work, going out of town, and Anthony and I celebrating our two year anniversary yesterday! I have definitely been slacking on my blogging, so when I found out I had the afternoon off work today, I grabbed myself some white cheddar popcorn (guess I’ll start that diet tomorrow, oops!) put on my comfy clothes,snuggled up in bed with my laptop, and thought I’d update you on the happenings of our life lately…

The weekend before last, Anthony and I headed to Dallas to meet up with some of our friends and attend the Texas A&M-Arkansas game. To our delight, the Texas state fair was also that same weekend, so we headed over there on Friday to eat our weight in fried foods that should really never have been fried in the first place. Take fried butter for instance…


Y’all, I will be the first to admit, I am definitely a fried food lover. I mean, give me some fried oreos and I’ll be in heaven, but fried butter, I don’t think I’ll ever jump on that bandwagon. Unless you like snacking on sticks of butter in your spare time, I would not recommend it (images in picture taste worse than they appear).

Saturday was the Arkansas game and we had so much fun being in that amazing (and air conditioned!) stadium. The hogs ended up losing in overtime and so that was really sad, but it was still a great experience getting to be there!



The following week Anthony and I had a lot of tests, but we managed to squeeze in a picnic in the middle of the day on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful day with a high of only 75 degrees.


Since our anniversary was on a Monday this year, we celebrated it over this past weekend. We decided that we would each get a day where we would get to choose what we would like to do. Anthony informed me on Friday evening, not to my surprise, that he would like for me to go fishing with him. I was pretty okay with his decision until he told me what time we needed to wake up, 4:30 a.m, on a Saturday morning to make matters worse! Just a side note, I am not a morning person. While my husband wakes up chipper, alert, and ready to face the day, I on the other hand, wake up groggy, a wee bit grumpy, and ready to hit the snooze button.

So we hit the road around 5:15 a.m. (I was pretty much sleep walking) and set out for the little red river. I suggested we stop for a chicken biscuit to help ease my pain, but even the Chick-fil-a people aren’t crazy enough to wake up that early. So instead, we got an even more nutritious breakfast…


Besides my early morning woes, we ended up having a great morning on the river! It was really beautiful outside and very peaceful.  imageimage

                                                          Sadly, this was my biggest catch of the day…                                                .


For my day, I wanted to just have a really relaxing Sunday. Anthony brought me donuts and strawberry milk in bed, he knows me too well, at the appropriate time of 10:00 a.m.


These may or may not have been consumed in under 10 minutes…

While I am usually not much of a movie person, I recently read the book Gone Girl (and LOVED it) so I was dying to see the movie. Anthony went into this movie not knowing anything about it and I have to say, I think he slept with one eye open that night. haha. After the movie we went to one of my favorite restaurants and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. They have the best bruschetta that comes with yummy melted goat cheese, tomatoes with basil, and toasted baguettes.

Despite being busy, we have had a wonderful past couple of weeks and we had a great weekend celebrating our two year anniversary! I look forward to the many years to come!

Thanks so much for reading and come back for an outfit post on Thursday!

Lots of love,


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